Click to view the short documentary for an overview of CEDRO’s accomplishments over the past 6 years. Discover CEDRO’s decision making tools in which the various country’s potentials  from different technologies have been identified.  Know more about the installed sites, the beneficiaries, the systems’ performance and separate estimated Green House Gas (GHG) reductions in KWh, and CEDRO’s total contribution in GHG reduction at the country’s level.

A photovoltaic introductory brochure was developed by the UNDP CEDRO team in collaboration with the LCEC team as part of the awareness campaign providing all required information for homeowners. 
CEDRO project has published the PV farm Report which utilizes measurements from its various PV sites installed determining the financial viability of such installation in Lebanon

A workshop was organized on September 24 at the crown plaza hotel during which MEDSOLAR project was introduced to the Lebanese market. 
An innovative approach to lighting was implemented in the Batroun Port; solar PV powered LED lamps have been installed around the port providing better quality of light for the fisherman. 
Green spaces are one common practice used to appease the heat island effect, but the increase in population density has people crowded in high rise buildings in congested cities.
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