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Building 287B First Floor
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Hassan Harajli
Project Manager

Right after completing his PhD on Renewable energy economics in 2009, Hassan joined CEDRO as project manager, focusing on implementing his acquired knowledge into the Lebanese energy sector. 

Carla Nassab
Energy Engineer

It is with great enthusiasm that Carla joined CEDRO in 2012, right after completing her master’s in sustainable buildings hoping to contribute to the greening and sustainable development of Lebanon. 

Wassef Kodeih
Energy Engineer

Wassef joined CEDRO in 2007 as energy engineer with a mission to raise awareness on green energy. It is through his 16 years of experience that Wassef strives to pave the way to a cleaner Lebanon. 

Nizar Sabbagh

Nizar Joined CEDRO as driver in 2010, his extensive knowledge of all regions and roads of Lebanon has enabled him to safely drive to the sites and back throughout his time. 


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